What a Shortcut Web really should be !

What is a Shortcut Web? Many say that it is a website that hosts categorized links on it so that people may navigate from there with ease. These sites were mostly used by computer noobies in the past because searching on Google was just too difficult for the fingers. Intermediate level surfers know how to add links into their favourite links panel that’s inbuilt into the browser.

However, as more and more cyberspace self-made millionaires appear,  the current trend for the growth of new websites is exponential! With thousands of new web-sites emerging from all corners of the globe, soon the favourite links panel would be flooded with all kinds of quality sites! Then the filling of desktops begin…

Recently there was a new site called Hompers, which is a customizable shortcut web. Customizable meaning that you’ll have your own space to add your own links on the site. They have a database of websites that are user-submitted and that only links in the database can be added as your shortcuts. Basically they already thought of what I’m thinking and has targeted in the collection of websites that will be accessible to its users. Pretty smart, however, the setback is that they will need users to submit new website links, and only after approval will the community then be able to use them in their shortcut list. From what I know, they’re trying to filter out inappropriate websites. Overall, it’s a convenient tool that you won’t spend a lot of time on since your shortcuts are the ones that you want to visit.

I am looking into the cyberspace future, and it seems to me that I’ve found the next big thing. Until someone else comes up with a better idea of course…… that’s the beauty of human progression!

Shortcut Webhttp://www.hompers.com

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